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How to make simple Electromagnet

An Electromagnet is a kind of magnet which uses electric current to create magnetic field that can attract and magnetize ferromagnetic materials like Iron, Nickel and Cobalt. It is easy to make a simple electromagnet at your home from household materials.

Required Materials

  • Thin Plastic insulated wire

  • 1.5 volt AA Battery

  • Iron Nail


  1. Wrap 20 turns of insulated wire on iron nail tightly and trim about inch of plastic coating from both ends of wire.
  2. Connect one end of wire positive and other with negative with the help of electricity tape.
  3. Get some paper clips and bring your electromagnet near them. You will see paper clips will be attracted towards iron nail.


Disconnect wire from battery if wire or battery gets hot.


  • Try using two AA battery
  • try using thicker wire
  • try to wrap increased number of turns