How to Make Hoop Glider

Planes that fly in air mostly have flat wings that hold them in air. Can a curled wing plane fly in air? Let’s make an experiment to find out! What will happen if we replace the flat wings of a plane with hoops and see how a plane with hoops can fly in air?

Hoop Glider

Required Materials

  • 1 Drinking Straw
  • Stiff paper, File card or Index card
  • Scissors
  • Tape


  1. Take a sheet of stiff paper and cut it into 3 pieces. Each piece measuring 5 inch long and 1 inch wide.
  2. Take one piece of stiff paper and curl it to overlap its end edges and tape them together to form a small hoop required for glider.
  3. Take two other pieces of stiff paper and tape their end edges together to make a long strip. Curl this long strip to overlap its two end edges and tape them together to form second hoop of larger size.
  4. Tape the two hoops that you made in previous steps with straw. One hoop at one end of straw and other hoop at its second end. Straw should be kept inside of the hoops at the time of taping and make sure that both hoops are aligned.
  5. That’s it! Your glider is ready.

When you want to launch your hoop glider, just hold it in the middle of straw and throw it in air like you do with a paper plane.

NOTE: Both hoops should be on the top when you hold the straw and smaller hoop facing should be in the direction of your throw at the time of launch.


Two hoops in this glider are used to keep the straw balanced in the air while flying. Small size hoop keeps the glider from turning and big hoop creates air resistance which keeps the straw leveled. Since both hoops have different weight so you may be thinking why the glider does not turn over? Actually due to gravity lighter and heavier objects fall at same speed that’s why glider maintains its upright position.


  1. Try to change the length of straw and see what happens.
  2. Find out! What happens, when number of hoops is increased? Try using first 3 hoops than 4.

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