Egg in a Bottle

Egg in a bottle is easy to do classic activity which you can perform in kitchen. In this activity a hard-boiled egg (peeled) is set on the mouth of the bottle and egg is sucked in the bottle. You will learn how pressure difference can cause push and pull.


Required Materials

  • Boiled Egg (peeled)
  • Large mouth bottle ( a little less than size of egg)
  • Hot water

What To Do

  1. Place the bottle on the table and fill it with hot water.
  2. After 30 seconds empty the bottle.
  3. Place a boiled egg on the mouth of the bottle. (do it as you empty the bottle)

JUST WAIT! As the bottle will become cool your boiled egg will be sucked in the bottle.


Hot water raised the temperature of air inside the glass. Hot air expands so some of it escapes from the bottle. When bottle becomes cool than air inside it also becomes cool and contracts which pulls the egg down into the bottle. Since egg is rubbery so it changes shape according to mouth of bottle and goes inside it.



  1. If you want remove the egg from the bottle than hold the bottle upside down so that the egg falls over the mouth of the neck, then blow into the bottle with your mouth as hard as you can. The egg will start to come out of bottle because air pressure inside the bottle is higher.

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