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Cocoa Beans

Cocoa Beans

Umm! Delicious Chocolates! Do you like them? Well, everybody knows about chocolates and almost every person loves to eat them. Do you know where these chocolates come from? All the ...


Do you remember the movies where alien forces use laser guns in battles? Well, lasers are a very famous piece of technology. These were once considered as high-tech gadgets, but ...


Tsunami, you may have probably heard of it on TV news, or perhaps watched a movie on these killer waves. The name “killer wave” for tsunami may seem odd, but ...


  • disc-hovercraft

    Homemade Hovercraft

    Learn how to make hovercraft from the household materials and find out how it works.

  • Foamy Fountain

    How to Make Foamy Fountain at home

    Make this interesting colored foamy fountain at home and enjoy its beauty.

  • floating-egg

    Floating Eggs Experiment

    How eggs float in salt water? We will do a simple classic salt water and egg experiment to understand the science behind it.

  • Soap-boat-in-the-water

    Soap Powered Boat

    Using detergent to power a boat is a fun science experiment. You will learn to make a boat that runs only on the detergent.

  • simple-electromagnet

    Make Simple Electromagnet

    Make a simple electromagnet at your home from household materials. It is easy to make

  • volcano-experiment

    Volcano Experiment

    It is an ideal home experiment and science fair project in which you will learn how lava is ejected through a volcano.

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