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Hurricane (Tropical Cyclone)

Hurricane (Tropical Cyclone)

Hurricane is an extreme form of weather in which winds circulate at very high speed – sometimes called rapidly circulating or rotating winds. Winds in the hurricane circulate at a ...


Aluminum is a very famous metal which is used in most of the everyday products that are made of metals. It is a chemical element with an atomic number of ...


Lead is a chemical element which is the densest than all the non-radioactive elements. It is a soft metal having an atomic number of 82 after which radioactive heavy metals ...


  • disc-hovercraft

    Homemade Hovercraft

    Learn how to make hovercraft from the household materials and find out how it works.

  • Foamy Fountain

    How to Make Foamy Fountain at home

    Make this interesting colored foamy fountain at home and enjoy its beauty.

  • floating-egg

    Floating Eggs Experiment

    How eggs float in salt water? We will do a simple classic salt water and egg experiment to understand the science behind it.

  • Soap-boat-in-the-water

    Soap Powered Boat

    Using detergent to power a boat is a fun science experiment. You will learn to make a boat that runs only on the detergent.

  • simple-electromagnet

    Make Simple Electromagnet

    Make a simple electromagnet at your home from household materials. It is easy to make

  • volcano-experiment

    Volcano Experiment

    It is an ideal home experiment and science fair project in which you will learn how lava is ejected through a volcano.

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